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Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ Class teaches the gentle art of grappling for competition and self defense and is suitable for all ages. Our instructors are qualified to provide you with a master planned curriculum to advance in belt rank for all beginner and intermediate students. Grappling is a martial art that is conducted primarily on the ground where each opponent strives to maneuver the other into a position which they must admit defeat (called submission). The submission is usually given by the opponent that is at risk of injury by joint manipulation (armbar, kneebar, americana) or by strangulation (choke hold). In training the submissions should be given freely by all students to prevent injury. All students can select their partner when available, however we will ensure no student is left without a partner. Our BJJ class will begin with some specifically targeted warm up drills followed by some light stretching to prevent injury. After the warm-up, we will guide you through a series of techniques that you will perform with a partner. Our instructor will review and assist each student to ensure they are executing the techniques properly. After the instruction portion of the class, students will be allowed to continue to practice drills with their partners or practice all of their combined skills while sparring with other students. Sparring, known as rolling in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, allows a student to attempt techniques that have been learned in class with the actual resistance of their opponent which helps to fully develop their skills. Any students wanting to compete in BJJ can expect that Outlaw will be at the competition to coach your matches.

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