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Outlaw Muay Thai classes are for teens and adult (12+) at any skill level including professional Muay Thai fighters. Muay Thai classes includes instruction in striking, movement, and balance which is a great way to get started or get back to the basics. Muay Thai fight team classes include instruction in advanced combination techniques, form mastery, endurance training, and fight strategy for effective combat.

Each session begins with a set of light warmup exercises to prepare your muscles for training and prevent injury. After the warmup, our instructors will provide combination drill instructions and the class will perform the drills for several rounds. We will assist everyone to ensure that the drill is being executed correctly and the proper form and technique are used. After several drills have been successfully completed and reviewed by our instructors, the class will end with some additional exercises focused on Muay Thai. For our fundamentals classes, some various strength exercises will be performed to strengthen the muscles most used in Muay Thai. For our advanced classes, there will be several rounds of light sparring so you can test the skills you have learned. Sparring is a great method for you and your instructor to find trouble spots in your technique where we can help you improve. All Muay Thai classes require protective gear including boxing gloves, shin guards, and a mouth piece. Hand wraps and muay thai shorts are also recommended. If you need any assistance with equipment, we have a variety of gear for sale and some temporary equipment as well.